Bachelor Degree in Film Production

dBs Berlin
3 years
Application deadline: Enrollment is open
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Bachelor Degree in Film Production

Bachelor degree in film production

Bachelor Degree (BA HONS) in Film Production

This flagship Bachelor course is an innovative project-based program designed to explore, develop and refine your creative and practical skills as a contemporary filmmaker and visual storyteller. Spend the first year making 20+ films, the second refining your technical skills and story prowess, and in the third year, create the film that puts your stamp on the world. Build your personal portfolio while working with ‘hands on’ practical tools, creative techniques, industry knowledge, critical analysis and the human attributes required to pursue a rewarding and successful filmmaking career.

Program contents

  • Storytelling and Screenwriting
  • Directing Actors
  • Cinematography and lighting
  • Sound Recording and sound Design
  • Production and Art Design
  • Editing and post-production
  • Sound Recording and sound Design
  • Production and Art Design
  • Editing and post-production
  • Industry and Professional Development
  • Film & Culture

Admission requirements

Application form via educators own webpage. To complete the application you will need to provide proof of your level of academic qualification.

Degree & diploma

Bachelor Degree (BA HONS)

Tuition & fees

For EU students:

Annual 9250 € / year, single 925 € / month 

dBs Berlin

dBs Berlin

dBs Berlin is an international creative production institute consisting of two schools – dBs Music and dBs Film, located in Berlin's iconic Funkhaus. Based on the values and concepts of progressive education, dBs Berlin enables students to imagine, develop and...

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Contact information

dBs Berlin

Nalepastraße 18
12459 Berliini

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What i liked the most was the family feeling one had, once one walked thru the front door. It never felt like school, more like a place to hang out and learn from each other.


I loved how everyone has an open minded mentality towards every aspect of living in Berlin. I was very surprised at how the tutors and students are on the same level, and it feels like we aren't students learning from a teacher in class, but we are one big group of people learning from each other as friends and mentors not tutors which control y...

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I definitely encourage you to join dBs because you are not joining a university, you are joining a family!