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Svitlana (Ukraine), RGSL Law and Business Bachelor programme student
Enrolling into RGSL, I didn't know much about the school. All I knew was – I wholeheartedly wanted to study law. After almost two years at RGSL, I'm convinced there's no other place where I would rather be doing that.
Seema (Bangladesh), RGSL Law and Business Bachelor programme student
What made RGSL stand out was its interdisciplinarity. I will forever be indebted to RGSL for the opportunities, experience and friendships it has enabled. RGSL is more than a school, it is a community, a family of students, academics and lecturers alike who are open and willing to go one step beyond what is required; and it is that one extra ste...
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Viola (Finland), RGSL Law and Business Bachelor programme student
I first came across with RGSL when I was searching for a law school that provides bachelor programs in English. I then noticed that the university will be presented at the student fair “Studia” in Helsinki, and after talking with the representatives there I decided to apply. I am extremely happy with my choice; the past three years in RGSL have ...
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