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Nan Khea
If I could just say "Thank You" it would be not enough compared to what I received from Marbella Design Academy. To have the chance to join, learn, have fun, and to be a part of Marbella Design Academy was amazing. Thank you to all Teachers , friends and every single person from the teams which helped me to grow until today.
I studied Graphic Design and went from having no knowledge at all on the subject to having my own freelance business today, which would not have been possible without the three years I spent at MDA! As well as the knowledge and skills that I gained during this time, I also met some wonderful people from all over the world and a very supportive t...
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I had a wonderful experience at Marbella Design Academy. I learned so much and had the best time. I made wonderful friends and so enjoyed experiencing life in Monda. So special. The teachers were great and very helpful. If I could do it all again, I would! :-) I would not be where I am today without the graphic design course.
I transferred this year to the school, in second year. During this year I have learnt many different things but among the most remarkable things I have learnt and improve a lot about are all the technical package (electrical plan, sewerage plan, lighting plan... ) and the graphic design (how to create a nice layout, how to work with Photoshop an...
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Anna Kristina
This year has been challenging in a good way. I excelled from my previous projects in so many ways, my skills, research and analysis and the way I communicate my ideas. I have worked on several interesting projects that have made me develop as an interior architecture student. During the group project, I also had the chance to work with the ...
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This year has been very good in all aspects. I have learned a lot and I have improved from the beginning until now. I am very grateful to my teachers because without them I would not have achieved these results. You can always improve, and here I am, looking forward to starting the next year to give my best and keep learning and growing.
My 2nd year in Marbella Design Academy has been a great experience. The teachers are professional, experienced and passionate in their field, and are always there to help, encourage and inspire you. The classes are relaxed yet productive, and are structured to meet individual student needs. The projects are diverse and interesting, making you...
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Three years later and I finally got my Bachelor in Graphic Design, thanks Marbella Design Academy for this time. I had the best years and I am so grateful for everything!
Minh Tran
As of today, I'm officially graduating with a Bachelor Degree. I've set foot to 3 different continents. I can speak 3 different languages. I've made friends with so many different people from all over the world. I've learned and done some amazing stuff that I never knew I could do. And I'm so proud of what I've managed to achieve.
Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir
Today is my graduation day. I've waited so long for today, yet it was so different from what I had hoped for due to Covid19. I worked hard every day, and I'm extremely proud of myself and my fellow students. Thank you Marbella Design Academy for these wonderful 3 years. It's been such an educating yet fun experience that I wouldn't trade for...
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When my son started with the Foundation Course I knew he was creative and his mind full of ideas and imagination. I am overwhelmed by the way during the following 3 years of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture programme he has been taught how to develop this creativity into the professional, organised way he is now able to communicate and presen...
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The time at Marbella Design Academy has been very rewarding in many ways. Both the friendly atmosphere in the academy, as well as the support and knowledge given by the professional tutors give you all the necessary tools for starting your professional career upon graduation. The programme is innovative in terms of teaching you about new tec...
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I'm so grateful for my time at Marbella Design Academy. Before starting my degree in fashion, I barely knew how to sew and didn't know much else, but after my three years were over I feel I have the skills and tools needed to achieve my dreams. The staff really care about the students and it showed; with plenty of 1 on 1 time with the tutors,...
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JY Min
From the beginning the experience was amazing for me. Everyone I have been in contact was extremely helpful and kind. The Academic advisor was very instrumental in my success. The classes are structured to address individual student needs. The courses are focused on getting students ready for the job market. The instructors are always availab...
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Studying in English in an international design school provides you with wider opportunities later on your career in all over the world. That is especially important in the creative field and therefore I feel that studying abroad is a great way to get your foot in the door already in the very beginning. Later on I'm also planning to do my master'...
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I am a Finnish second year fashion student in Marbella Design Academy. The school is very international, which has made me know more about different cultures and new friends from all over the world. The atmosphere is family - like and all the departments get to work together with different projects. At the fashion department we get a wide knowle...
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Pernille Broesch
Fashion design is creating a language of shapes, forms and colors. In fashion design you can form your creativity, ideas and personal style. I want to work in the fashion industry. I am at the Marbella Design Academy to learn and find my own interpretation of the language of fashion so I hopefully can succeed and reach my goals. Pernille Broesch...
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Christophe Siel Christensen
Marbella Design Academy has given me a lot of tools to use in my future, not only in how to use the different computer programs, but how to become a professional within my field. It is not just the location that is inspiring, but also the people who studies here. It is great to be among such creative and interesting people. It is a welcoming pla...
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Ricardo Abrantes
" I have been studying in Marbella Design Academy for 1 year and I am in my second year graphic design. I think that the Academy is great for those who want a friendly environment, and whether they are far from home you feel integrated with all students and teachers as everyone treats you equally. The international students also influence each o...
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Signe Kok Nielsen
It's amazing to go to a school where there are so many nationalities. You meet people from all over the world, and I find that this is very exciting because you meet so many different styles in personalities and artwork. Marbella Design Academy is a creative school, you can easily get inspired by the other students. I like the appearance of the ...
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Lotte Kryhlmand
Nice teachers. Nice new friends. Good atmosphere. Lotte Kryhlmand - Denmark 1st Year Graphic Design
Jonas Nielsen
1st Year Graphic Design I like the fact that this Academy has got a relaxing atmosphere. The Marbella Design Academy is equipped with extremely friendly staff and tutors. They produce exciting courses and projects all year round. Jonas Nielsen – Spain-Denmark
Fjola Andersen
1st Year Interior Design Helpful and nice staff/teachers, The environment is International atmosphere and modern. Fjola Andersen – Denmark
Kathrine Møller
1st Year Fashion Design Nice atmosphere around the school, it's nice and clean and interesting programs. Kathrine Moeller – Denmark
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